Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary HD confirmed to have Kinect support

Posted by on June 20, 2011 at 07:47.
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In an interview with Gamespot AU, head of Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer confirmed that Halo CE Anniversary will feature Kinect support to an extent.

“Core focus for us in our press briefing this year with Kinect, actually came from two sides. Obviously as a first-party, we believe that Kinect will be important to all genres of games. Be it racing games with Forza, combat games like Ryse, even games like Halo Anniversary has Kinect integration.” ~ Phil Spencer

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary isdue for release on November 15, exclusively for Xbox 360.

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  1. Mr Original Jun 21, 2011

    I wonder if they will let us kick Guilty Spark like a football?

  2. Mr Stuey Jun 21, 2011

    Or assassinating the odd grunt or two. BAM !