Bodycount demo available now on XBL Marketplace

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The Bodycount demo from Codemasters is now available for download on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The demo lets players sample the outrageous and over-the-top arcade gunplay that takes centre stage in the shooter that will make players fall in love with firepower. A new video showing the demo’s explosive firefights can be viewed below.

Bodycount – Behind The Bullets Part 3: The Demo

“Fans should expect a lot of mayhem, a lot of destruction, fun, fast paced arcade action. It’s much more of an A-Team experience than some sort of dour, self-obsessed, self-important thing. If you want to have fun, play Bodycount.” said Max Cant, Art Director.

The demo is set in the early stages of Bodycount’s African missions and players will assume the role of a Network Operative dropped into a chaotic warzone, tasked with tracking down a militia warlord responsible for massacring an army unit. Equipped with a turbo-charged arsenal of weapons including the G36 SMG, Super 90 Shotgun, grenades and proximity mines, players must engage forces from all sides in blistering-paced gun-fights set amongst a shanty town.

Bodycount is set to fire into retail on August 30th (North America) and September 2nd (EMEA) for the Xbox 360 and other platforms. You can queue up the demo for download here.

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