Call of Duty community unhappy with Activision; MW3 “Blackout” planned

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Sound familiar? It should do if you play Battlefield 3 as well. The community for that game had a planned blackout as well back in February (although that was subsequently squashed by EA’s posting of their MASSIVE proposed patch, complete with lengthy patch notes)

Well it seems the Call of Duty community are now trying their hand at “getting heard” by Infinity Ward and Activision, with their own proposed 24 hour Blackout across all platforms, which is supposed to take place on April 20th, 2012. A video has been doing the rounds on Youtube, and is being spread further by some of the community’s bigger online personalities. You can check it out for yourself below. There is also a Twitter hashtag currently gaining traction.

MW3 BLACKOUT 4.20.12 #codblackout42012

The video calls for Infinity Ward (and Sledgehammer Games by extension) to provide fixes for the following problems:

  • Lag Compensation issues
  • Matchmaking options (including Local Search and Party Leader Base Search algorithms)
  • Spawn System issues
  • Full featured Theatre mode
  • Individual Volume controls in options menu
  • Tactical Insertion equipment removed from Kill Confirmed mode
  • Mode Hardcore gametypes
  • Better CoD Elite playlist options
  • Objective stats to be shown on scoreboard
  • Nerf to weapons (Akimbo machine pistols)
  • Removal of Assault streaks from Support Strike Package
  • Removal of Deathstreaks
  • Introduction of LAN settings for competitive events

The video above claims that fans were sold the game based on “broken promises”, hence the call to action. It will be interesting to see if Activision and Infinity Ward respond as swiftly as EA and DICE did to the Battlefield community. We’ll keep an eye on any developments.

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